April 2019 District Newsletter

Your candidates for Junior Prom Princes and Princesses are:

Abdul Johnson, Ron McCargo, Harry Rust, Rahsaan West

Destiny Clary, Kevynne Dimaano, Alexis Kirby, Alia Muhammad

Your candidates for Senior King and Queen are:

Ross Baldwin, Abraham Braxton, Justin Watson, Tahj White

Edaisha Hicks, Jaylnn Hicks, Asya Manson, Jada Spraggs

Countdown to Prom After Prom has started. Permission slips for the PECHS After-Prom Party on April 27-28th at 12:00 -3:00 a.m. will be available in the Cafeteria, CTE Office and Main Office. Everyone that plans on attending the After-Prom Party must have a signed permission form. Permission forms must be turned into Mr. Kane by Friday, April 26th by 3:30 pm. Come have fun, hang out with your friends and win one of many prizes including TVs.

Students who have signed up to take the English Placement Test or Math Placement Test for next week must have a Southside Application on file beforehand. The English Placement Test will be on Tuesday, April 23rd and the Math Placement Test will be on Wednesday, April 24th. Please contact the Counseling Department if you have any questions.

Juniors are you interested in attending Longwood University after graduation? We will be having a Longwood University Junior Day on Monday, April 29th. Please sign up in the Counseling Department. If you have any questions please stop by Ms. Loving’s office

Any student who is interested in pursuing a law degree after high school, and is interested in learning more about the Annual Minority, Law, and Research Institute, should sign up in the counseling office to attend an information session. This opportunity is open to students in grades 9-12.

Any students interested in volunteering in the PEFYA concession stand, the sign up sheets are located outside Mrs. Simon's door (Rm. 109).  Volunteers are needed for Tuesday and Friday evenings and most of the day on Saturdays from April-May.  Stop by and sign up for your time slot ASAP!  This looks great on NHS, NAHS and Tri-M applications, as well as job and college applications!! 

Current sophomores, would you like to learn more about the University of Virginia? Hoos First Look is seeking prospective students to apply for their First Look program that will include a three-day, two-night academic enrichment program this fall. The program requires that a student be high-achieving and be a low-income and/or first generation rising junior. Stop by the counseling office and check out the enrichment binder to find out how to apply. Priority application deadline is June 9th.

Students that want to visit the food pantry should do so during the exchange of classes. They are not to miss instructional time to visit the food pantry.


The Tourism Coordinator for Prince Edward County is seeking students who are looking for unpaid internships to assist with the 50 Years of Love campaign. The students would assist visitors with online registration for specific events on three specific weekends, as well as any student whose talents lie in filming for videos to be produced to promote our community. Contact Magi Van Eps  at  434.392.1482

Students who plan to take a course over the summer at another school or at one of the local colleges, need to submit a course request form for that class. Forms are due May 1st. Please see your school counselor for a form.

Current juniors who are interested in applying for an abbreviated schedule their senior year may now pick up an application in the counseling office. Interested students must have completed at least 18 credits required for graduation, be on track for graduation, have own transportation, and be able to provide proof of employment. Applications are due  to the counseling office by May 28th, and proof of employment is due by July 1st.

It’s not too early to start planning for Prom, and with that comes your payment of class dues. If you haven’t paid your class dues at all or in full, make sure to have those paid before Prom so you can join in the festivities. We also do payment plans if you can’t pay the total all at once. We take checks, cash, and money orders and you will get a receipt for your payment.

Students:  This year’s prom will be held on April 27, 2019 at Longwood University. 

The following items will be required for attendance:

  1. All currently owed class dues must be paid in full  and return or pay for any overdue or lost library books by 3PM April 12, 2019
  2. Have no discipline referrals from February 25, 2019 to April 26, 2019
  3. Follows PECHS PROM dress code guidelines found here.

Students may not stay after school to attend games. Only students involved in athletic events are allowed to stay after school under the supervision of their coach. Any student staying after school must be supervised at all time. Students if you are not supervised by an adult you cannot be on school grounds.

The after-school tutoring program meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to  5:30 p.m.  Students must have a signed permission form on file to stay. If you need a permission form, please see Mrs. Smith-Tucker in Room 211.

Important Announcement- Any students staying for any after school activity are to leave on 3rd wave only. 


senior week
Parent Letter

Senior Calendar of Events

Have you ever thought about working for the CIA? If you are a current senior planning on attending a 4-year college or university after you graduate, consider applying for the Central Intelligence Agency’s Undergraduate Scholarship Program. Undergraduate students, serving as scholarship recipients with the CIA, attend an accredited college/university on a full-time basis and work during summer breaks at the Agency. More information on this opportunity can be found in the scholarship binder in the front of the counseling office.

Seniors, if you have received a college acceptance, please bring your acceptance letter to the counseling office so they can make a copy of it.

Seniors, if you plan to apply to a 2 or 4-year college or university, or attend a trade school, be sure to turn in a transcript release form to your counselor. Forms can be found in the front of the counseling office. Students must turn in this form along with transcript request forms for counselors to send the proper materials to the schools you apply to. Counselors must have at least 5 school days notice to send your transcript.

The Scholarship Binder is now online! Go to the 
School Counselors' webpage where you will find most of the scholarships in the scholarship binder, plus some online-only scholarships. Be sure to check back frequently both online and in the binder in the counselors' office for new scholarships and opportunities!

Seniors: New scholarships were recently added to the scholarship binder. Be sure to stop by the counseling office to see what's available. The binder can be found in the front of the office on the round table.


         Prince Edward Eagle Athletics 


Spring Athletes if you have a bat, tennis racquet or other large item for practice or games you may not carry it with you at school. Put it in your locker, a teacher’s classroom (preferably your last block teacher) or the office.

All Sports Passes can be purchased at home games see Mr. Kane or contact him at the CTE building. These passes get you into every regular season home game all year. The single game price is $6.00.

Student:  $30 | Adult:  $50 | Family (4) $120 ($15 for each additional family member)

2018-2019 Winter Sports Schedules

2018 Fall Sports Schedules

2019 Spring Sports

Sport location time bus

GS                  Bluestone                  5:00

BS                   Bluestone                  6:30

BT                   @ARGS                     4:30



SB                   @ Bluestone            5:00    2:45



GS                  @ RH                         6:30    3:15

BS                   @ RH                         5:00    3:15

T                      @Amelia                    4:30    2:45



SB                   RH                              5:00   

JVBB              RH                              5:00   

GT                   @ Randolph Henry 4:30                3:00

BT                   Randolph Henry      4:30   

Cell Phone Policy:

From 7:45 until 3:10, cell phones should be turned off and not used for text messaging, taking pictures, listening to music, or direct-connect two-way communication EXCEPT while in the cafeteria during breakfast or during a student’s assigned lunch period.

Dress Code Policy:

1. Torn, holey, or ripped clothing that exposes skin above the knee is prohibited. Tights or leggings must cover any torn areas which may expose skin above the knee.

2. Hats, caps, shower caps, bonnets, visors, stocking caps, bandanas, headbands, or hoods worn around the head or neck must be removed upon entering the building.

3. Skirts, dresses, and shorts should not be higher than 4 inches above the knee from the center of the kneecap when standing. This is also true of slits in long or short skirts.

4. Leggings, jeggings, and tights need a dress worn over top of them that isfingertip length or longer.

5. Pants, sweat pants, low-ride pants, and shorts must be worn to the waist, without exposing underwear or skin.

6. Bedroom slippers are not to be worn to school. Shoes are to be worn at all times for safety and sanitary reasons.

7. Low-cut tops/shirts, halter tops, body suits, tops that reveal the navel or midriff, shirts/dresses with spaghetti straps and other revealing clothing are also not acceptable. All tops/shirts must not show cleavage and they must have a 3 finger width in the strap.

8. Tank tops, muscle shirts, and see-through clothing are not acceptable.

9. Biker pants, leotards, blankets, sleepwear or loungewear worn as outerwear, or chains are prohibited.

10. Sunglasses (or other dark or shaded glasses) are not to be worn in the building. If they are necessary for medical treatment, a physician’s permission will be required.

Students being dropped off by a parent in the morning are to be dropped off in the junior parking lot, not the senior parking lot. Also, in the afternoon, students are to be picked up in the junior parking lot, not the senior parking lot.

Attention students-Meals will not be allowed to be charged. Reduced meal prices are .30 for breakfast and .40 for lunch, full price meals are $1.25 for breakfast and $2.30 for lunch. If you need a meal application see the cashier or manager in the cafeteria.  

Each student is a member of the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior class. Class members elect officers, take trips, plan social activities and raise money to supplement dues that pay for activities such as incentives, social events, homecoming and prom. Senior dues pay for the yearbook, receptions and commencement.

Student dues now have a late fee added so the amounts are as follows:

Freshman $25

Sophomore $35

Junior $45

Senior $70

Dues can be paid in the library. We accept checks, money orders, and cash.