Graduation Info


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Graduation Class of 2023 Where: Middle School Gym

When: Saturday, May 20

Time: 10:00 AM

Senior Trip: Friday, May 12 | Busch Gardens leaving at 7AM | See Ms. Ramsey or Ms. Duncan for more information: [email protected] or [email protected]

Senior Showcase: May 18th | 9AM in the Auditorium | See Ms. Duncan  or Mr. Feathers for more information: [email protected] [email protected] Senior Picnic: May 18th following the Senior Showcase | 11:30AM | Wilcks Lake | See Ms. Ramsey for more information: [email protected] Graduation Practice: May 19th | 9AM in the Middle School gym | After practice you will receive 6 tickets for graduation. Those who work in the division will not need a ticket.

Appropriate Graduation Attire:

You should wear black shoes.  Comfortable shoes with low heels are suggested; flip flops are unacceptable.
Earrings should be medium.  Large hoop earrings are unacceptable for graduation.
Your hairstyle should allow you to wear your mortarboard without fear of losing it.  Also, the mortarboard should be as level as possible; it should never tilt.
Your skirt or dress should not be longer than your gown.  Do not wait until the morning of graduation to see if your gown is longer than your dress or skirt.
Your dress or skirt should be a light color so that it does not show through your gown.
You should wear black dress shoes with your cap and gown.  Brown shoes and flip flops are unacceptable.
You should wear a white shirt with a dark tie and black dress pants.    

Note:    Seniors are not allowed to decorate their mortarboards.